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The importance of having an open relationship with your IDE.

IDE’s: you either love them or you hate them, but there is no question about it: they do make a developer’s life easier. Developers that are really good with such a tool can seriously count on them being an extension of their body, an invisible limb, a partner. They physically hurt when the IDE crashes, they clean it, take care of it. But is this good or bad? Are developers leaving part of their brain on software? I think so. The worst part if they leave it there for too long they might not get it back.
Technology changes way too rapidly for programmers to develop such a strong relationship with a tool like this. Is this relationship beneficial? Absolutely, but you have to be ready to dump your software partner at a time when you least expect it. I know of stories where broken software hearts means having to change jobs.
The beauty of this relationship is that cheating on your IDE does actually benefit you as a developer. Besides, the IDE won’t get mad at you, even if it finds out. So my fellow developers, free yourselves. Play with other IDE’s, languages, techonologies and don’t be afraid. Times change rapidly, embrace change.