Inexpensive DIY music publishing : CD Manufacturing

Finishing my new CD has taken me a loooong time, but that’s ok because I have managed to use the best CD Keys. I’m not really in a hurry and I’m not expecting on getting rich (or any money) from doing it anyways. Having had all this time and keeping in mind that I want to at least break even with the investment, I’ve discovered some good inexpensive resources for publishing my music online, on CD and on paid digital retailers like iTunes and Amazon.

CD Manufacturing Choice: Kunaki

When first making CD’s on the cheap, I made them myself burning them by printing the covers and CD art and buying the jewel cases. This was relatively inexpensive, but it took a lot of time and it was very prone to error. A short run of CD’s with the regular guys takes a harsh initial investment. On average, is about $200 for 100 CDs. Then I started looking for self publishing options which allow you to order as few copies as needed. Lulu, a one-stop self publishing option for many different types of media can get CD’s manufactured for as low as $4.50. CreateSpace an Amazon company has a similar approach.

Then, and I found Kunaki. Kunaki is a service that specializes on one thing: On-demand duplication of CD’s and DVD’s. You don’t get many options, just the one shrink wrapped, jewel case, 2-panel insert, traycard and CD printing. Also, to save on proofing costs and streamline their process, you have to submit your master with artwork through their custom-made software (Window only).

As a trade-off for the lack of options, you get a quality product at very inexpensive prices. For up to 10 CD’s, it is $1 per unit. After that their prices varies from 0.75 to 1.75, depending on their current demand. For advanced users, It is also nice that they provide a full set of API’s to interface with their service, making it easy to integrate CD sales with custom shopping carts or other solutions, if you are a beginner in music check in for a Free Music Lesson online. Additionally, they will provide you with a UPC barcode for free if you don’t have one. Other places like CDBaby charges $20 for one if you want to distribute your CD to online music services.

Hands down, I believe Kunaki perfectly suits the needs for the hobbyist music publisher such as myself with ZERO upright investment.