That1Guy, taking the one man band to the next level

I just came back from another great High Sierra and saw some excellent bands, but the ones they always stick up are the ones that do something unique. This year, the uniqueness prize (i.e. ultra-super-freak) went to That1Guy.

His main instrument is a home-made invention he calls “The Magic Pipe”, an industrial looking steel pipe contraption that has two ends, where he either plays bass or lead (and he is pretty damn good at both). The 2 strings have an amazingly natural envelope filter like sound, which comes out just as if he was playing a synth bass.

Apart from the strings on the pipe, he has an assortment of midi sensors. There are 13 of them alone on the Magic Pipe and who knows how many more on bass-drum-pedal-driven-cowbells and a single snare that gets no compassion during the live show.

His music is a refreshing mix between crazy funk and industrial, that can easily drive a crowd insane. And, the lyrics are a perfect extension of his instruments: definitely nuts. Don’t believe me? check out this video.