The Alesis Micron is a great little noise making machine ... with a single knob that rules them all. That is why I started writing this piece of software to control the Micron from your computer, thus expanding the lifetime of that super knob, and your micron.

Even better, if you are just starting to explore the capabilities of your micron and its sound synthesis engine, this helps you stay focused on the sound rather than pushing and turning... pushing and turning ... pushing and turning ... sounds familiar?


  • Beta 2 Release
    • NOTE:If you get a message saying: "MSVCR71.dll" could no be found, please see this forum thread. This issue will be fixed on the next release.
    • Added file saving and loading capabilities. (saving is disabled for non-registered users)
    • Added functionality to send all the parameters on micronizer to the micron. (under the MIDI menu). This is useful when loading a micronizer file for the first time and sending the information to the synth.
    • Fixed wrong mapping of filter types.
    • Fixed bug when note-on and note-off midi messages were sometimes crashing the program.
  • Beta 1.1 Release
    • Fixed Repeat entries on dropdown boxes.
    • Fixed wrong mapping of oscilator octaves and semitones.
  • Beta 1 Release
    • New Installer and splash screen
    • Parameters loaded from XML file (lots of good info there)
    • External midi controllers can be assigned to sliders by right clicking on the slider.

  • Mac Version - by Lurence Davies http://www.instajungle.com


For all bug reports, feedback and announcements, please use the micronizer forum. I check it pretty often.

What does it look like?

see screenshot