TimeLog is a Java application that simplifies keeping track of the time spent on a certain project.
I wrote this program, because I was asked to keep track of my work hours and I thought it was boring to keep just text files. I know, kind of an overkill but I like it and use it.
TimeLog is licensed under the GNU Public License.



Here is the obligatory screenshot.


timelog.jar. This is an executable jar file which includes the source code.
Run it like:
$java -jar timelog.jar
$java -classpath timelog.jar org.mrbook.talog.TAlogGUI
under windows, it should be a mindless double click over the icon that represents the jar file of timelog.jar which you should have downloaded from here under any kind of web browser.... yes, the windows instructions are confusing.

Hector Urtubia - urtubia at mrbook dot org

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